Özka Tires Karbon Project Kick-Off Meeting Was Held!

The transition process of Özka Tires to SAP S/4HANA, where we will shape our future together, took place at the Tryp by Wyndham Hotel Kocaeli, the Carbon Project kick-off meeting. The meeting, which was held with the participation of Kanık Group of Companies’ board members, FELECE Technology Managers and Project Team, included many instructive and entertaining moments.


Kanık Group of Companies Founder and Honorary Chairman of the Board of Directors’ Mr Mehmet Şerif Kanık made his opening speech containing his success story. Then, project sponsor Prof. Dr Nejat Bozkurt shared his knowledge and experience about SAP processes with the Project Team. Afterwards, Özka Tire Technical Assistant General Manager Kemal Çiftçi gave direction to the program with his speech. Then, FELECE Technology Project Manager Uğur Eryüce and Özka Tires IT Manager Murat Temizer conveyed the theoretical and practical meaning of the project, the stages of the transition process and the road map by supporting their experience. Finally, the surprise guest of the meeting, Mr Serdar Kuzuloğlu, enlivened the meeting with his fun talk about technology and trends.


In the mentioned meeting, the story of the selection of the name “Karbon” and what it meant for the group companies during the transition period of Carbon to Diamond was also mentioned. It was mentioned that the conversion of carbon to the diamond with the Carbon Project refers to both digital and process-based transformation that will take place with the transition of Özka Tires systems to SAP. Mr İsmail Kara, who contributed to the process in one of the first stages of the project with the suggestion of the Carbon name, was awarded a plaque presented by Mr Mehmet Şerif Kanık.


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